Financial administration

Cash management is a part of student life that many struggle with. You do not need a lot of money to avoid financial problems when you are studying. What is necessary to avoid issues is to have a financial administration that is in order. This is one of the tips that I give you in my book: ‘Hulanda? Stò’i nèk!’.  

Download a free template here which you can use for your financial administration. This template gives you a chance to set a monthly budget and it also gives you an overview of your savings. Tip: Use a new template for every new (school) year. 

Focus and work towards your goal

In my book I explain that there is a zone of comfortability, a zone of growth and zone of panic. If you want to grow or create change in your life you need to get out of your zone of comfortability. But how to do that without entering the zone of panic and stop working towards your goal?

One tip I can give you is to break your big goal into small little steps or tasks. Every step that you take toward your goal is a step closer to your goal. Use this form to help you stay focused on your goal. Download the form for free here.