W. Sakoetoe

Orthopedagogy, Writer and planner

Motivated to encourage others!

About Marhainska Sakoetoe

I was born in 1989 in Zeist, the Netherlands. My mom was relatively young and when I was 4 we moved back to Curacao where my mom is from. When I was 6 my younger sister was born. In the first years of my life we moved a lot between the Netherlands and Curacao and when I was 9 we settled and lived in Curacao permanently. When I was younger I loved to read, even when the electricity went off I kept reading with a candle. I was calm. Loved to swim, play ukulele in school and attended my pathfinder club faithfully.

I attended Peter Stuyvesant College (PSC), which is now known as Kolegio Alejandro Paula. My favorite memories of that time were the moments that I spent there with my friends. During this time I also met my husband. After our final year at PSC we made our way to the Netherlands to study. Firstly I had the United States in mind but in that time it was only possible to get student grants for the Netherlands. 

As a kid I always said that I wanted to become a doctor. When I look back on this I realize that my first inspiration was a nurse that I saw completely dressed in a white uniform, I also wanted to be dressed like that. When I was about 14 years old I got the opportunity to experience a day in the Emergency Room. Let’s just say that it was the last time I went to an Emergency Room.

Therefore, when it was time for me to go study I did not know what to study. The only thing I knew was that I would like to do something with kids. Finally, I chose to study Pedagogy at the University of Utrecht. In 2012 I finished my bachelors degree and chose to proceed with the masters in Orthopedagogy. After I finished my studies I started working in youth care and services and I still do this.

In my spare time I enjoy organising. I have organised more than 50 events; for both larger groups (500) and smaller groups (15). I organise every event in detail and I love to make lists for everything that needs to happen. I also enjoy reading, spending time with friends and traveling. If I am not travelling I am planning a trip. I like to explore and everywhere I haven’t been yet is a good idea to visit.

‘Hulanda? Sto’i nèk!’ is the first book I have written. Even though I haven’t written a book before I saw this challenge as another project that I should be able to realise. Thus, after much planning and list of actions: ‘Hulanda? Sto’i nèk!’ became a reality.

If there are more books on the way? I will not be surprised if I write more in the future. This first writing adventure has been a very positive experience. I hope this book will benefit many young people.

Marhainska W. Sakoetoe